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This portal presents all the texts by or about John Calvin which have been published by the Librairie Droz from 1960 to 2012, with an initial focus on Geneva, Calvin, and the beginnings of the French evangelical movement with Lefèvre d’Etaples and Marguerite de Navarre. 162 texts will ve available in 2014. New Droz releases will be added to the portal as they are published.

Development of portal and digitization of the first 162 texts have been supported by the French Centre national du livre, by the Ville de Genève and by the République et du Canton de Genève.


Principles of digital publishing

  • These texts result from exact conversion of the paper version.
  • The page numbers of the paper version have been preserved in order to allow an identical citation. They appear in the right margin of the text in the form {p. aaa}.
  • The cutting out of the preliminary pages was reviewed and references for the digital version were added.
  • References to the original publications are situated between square brackets [ ].


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